Temples in Nepal and the World

Oom Guru Gorakshya, Mama Rakshya Rakshya 

Gorakhnath Temple is everywhere in Nepal and India. Gorakshay Nath is very important in the lives of  the people so the temple is found in every footsteps. In any urban and rural part of the subcontinent contains Gorakshya temple.

This photograph is from Manimahesh, Kailash. You can click the respective images of the temples and shrines and find out more about it.

The above picture of siddha Gorakshya Nath is at the temple in Dang. There is very famous temple of Gorakshyanath at Dang of Nepal. There is a famous aakhada of Nath Yogis at this place.

Dang is popular for Shree Ratna Nath Math, where many of the siddha yogis were born time to time.

Mrigasthali is another important place for all the Hindus.  It is Known to be the  most  favourite place for the Lord Shiva to play. This place is listed in uncountable places in the texts of hinduism. 

Shiva Gorakshya Meditated at this place for very long time.  According to the story, Shiva Gorakshya Meditated here seated on the snakes representing the rain and there was no rainfall for 12 years. He was not happy with the people who was not interested in improving their life with yoga. The people who were tensed due to no rain thought to bring his Guru Dada Matsyendra Nath and he will wake up and the rain will fall. When they brought Guru Matsyendra Nath from Kamrup Kamakshya then he wake up from meditation and they got the rain fall.