Gorakshyapeeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali 

Mrigasthali, Gorakshyarastra, Nepal 

Mrigasthali is very special place in the whole world.  It is the favorite place fore Lord Shiva, who is the creater, conserver and the destroyer of the whole Universe. Not only this, the whole universe is made of him.

Guru Gorakhnath is the incarnation of lord Shiva. He is also known as Shiva Gorakshya. He is the Yoga form of Lord Shiva. Yoga is supreme power which stablizes s the universe and which is itself the whole universe. This Siddha place of Gorakhnath is located in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the place where Guru Gorakhnath meditated. The Siddha temple of Gorakhnath and his Dhuna is located here. The Dhuna is glowing from very long time, and it is never extinguished. 

Very old aakhada of Bhesh Bara Panth Naath Yogis is located here. It is not any personal or national property. It belongs to all the Bhesh Bara Panth Nath Yogis. Now, there are few permanent residents in the aakhada. 

The current Mahanta (The main person in charge) of the peeth is Yogi Nari Nath Maharaj
The Priest in the Temple is Yogi Bishnu Nath Maharaj
Other Nath Yogis are Yogi Bishwo Nath Maharaj, Yogi Shiva Nath Maharaj (Priest, Chakra Puja), Yogi Megh Nath Maharaj, Yogi Dilbar Nath Maharaj, Yogi Tek Nath Maharaj (Priest, Mulpani Temple), Yogi Aantaram Nath Maharaj (Priest, Indrachowk Temple), Yogi Mangal Nath Maharaj, Yogi Krishna Nath Maharaj.

Other people in the aashram are Nakhadu Dattari (Life long Sevak), Gorakhbahadur Rokaya (Lifelong Gou sevak), Kalo Sahi (Lifelong Sevak), Shyam Karki (Lifelong Gou Sevak)

There is another Gorakhnath Temple in the center of Kathmandu city. It is in the Kastamandap temple. This temple is under the management and inspection of this aashram.

The Mahanta is elected in the democratic manner. He is elected by the conference of Bhesh Baara Panth Nath Yogi. Anyone who gets supported by the Bhesh Baara Panth, becomes the Mahanta of the temple. Similarly, the priest is selected.