Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali, Mrigasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal

गोरक्षपिठ सिद्धाचल मृगस्थली (Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali) is located at the ancient place, loved by many siddhas over the time. This place is considered to be loved by lord Shiva and Parvati. This place is in between Pashupatinath at North, Guheshwori at south and Gauri-Ghat at West. It is surrounded at its three sides by Bagmati river. This is the famous place where Shiva used to roam in the form of deer. This is the place where Gorakshya Nath Meditated and Macchendra Nath blessed him. Now, there is a Gorakh Nath Temple and ashram with many Nath Yogis at this place.

गोरक्ष बालं गुरूशिष्य पालं शेष हिमालं शशिखण्ड भालं ।
कालस्य कालं जीत जन्मजालं वन्दे जटालं जगदाब्जनालं ।।

Gorakshya Balam, Guru-sishya Palam, Sesha Himalam, Sasikhanda bhalam
Kalasya Kalam, Jeeta Janma Jalam, Bandey Jatalam, Jagadabjanalam

Maha Yogi Gorakh Nath Meditating on the seat of serpents at Mrigasthali, until his guru Matsyendra Nath came. This picture is the original aasan of Yogi Gorakhnath
The sacred place Mrigasthali, situated at the heart of Nepal, where Goraksha nath is on the seat of serpents, which resemble rain
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